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Janne Kontala has been sharing his knowledge on yoga since 1994. His first contact with yoga was in 1986, when reading a book ignited a life-long interest, which soon developed into a daily practice. Since the early 1990's, Janne has studied in traditional ashrams in India and West. From early on, Janne has been combining in his personal practice the use of sacred sound in yoga in all its forms - svadhyaya, mantra-japa, and kirtanam - with asana and pranayama from the world of Hatha yoga. Considering his personal daily practice his most importance source of inspiration, he has nevertheless combined the more traditional approach to yoga with academic studies in religion, where he holds a PhD from Abo Akademi University in Finland. Besides his PhD Thesis and a number of academic articles on the sociology of religion, Janne has authored the book Inner Yoga (Ferryman Books), and is the co-founder and regular contributor in the yoga-magazine Ananda. He recently finished his commentary for Yoga-sutra. Janne trains yoga-teachers since 2005, and specializes in yoga philosophy, meditation, and using pranayama and asana to support meditation.
Janne Kontala
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Slow Yoga Online Teacher Training

with Janne Kontala, Emma Slow and Jan Simak

This training will teach you a personal practice of slow asana-kriyas (yoga-postures) as well as essential basics of anatomy, breathing techniques to induce inner peace, meditation and chanting for inner purification, the philosophical foundation of yoga and also practical teaching skills.
 Janne Kontala, Emma Slow and Jan Simak

Online courses suitable for everyone

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